• if you need the prices of our products, do not hesitate to contact us
  • all pricelists are in EUR currency
  • every price is per unit of measure
  • the prices are understood EX WORKS Czech Republic
  • the prices are understood without VAT
  • the prices are subject to market fluctuations and therefore we reserve the right to alter

Payment conditions

We require the payment in advance only in case you order for the first time. The advance payment will be noted on the pro-forma invoice, that you receive after your order.

We prefer the usual bank transfer to our account at our bank, but you may suggest any other way how to pay the order. Don''t hesitate and consult this problem with us!

Production and delivery

Delivery time: 2-12 weeks after receiving advance payment (delivery time depends on a type of products)

Terms of delivery

The most efficient and most quickly type of transport is the Airmail post, but you can choose the way of transport according to your desire.

The price of transport depends on the weight of the shipment and the destination. We note the delivery costs on the pro-forma invoice that we complete after receiving your order.

The delivery takes 1-2 weeks depending on the destination and on the selected kind of transport.